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About Us

Raising Voices, Styling Minds

Re-Raise, at its heart, is just a bunch of passionate teenagers trying to bring a revolution in this world, through the versatile medium of fashion. 
We believe in using clothes to raise critical issues that are ruling the world, and at the same time, keep it simple, fashionable and comfortable.

Our Story

Every start-up has a story, so does ours! We initially gathered our team in mid 2021, after one of our founders, had this amazing idea of creating a conscious, passionate apparel brand with the aim of increasing awareness of global issues.


We had a team, some capital and a base. But we started on a rocky road. Whole teams phasing in and out and entire collection ideas being created then scrapped. However through it all, we slowly were building something stable. 

Months later we had to start back at square one. One idea. And four young but passionate founders to make it. We tried again with the months of knowledge we didn’t posses beforehand and this time things have been going well!


Our third try of the first collection is on-going and we are positive this time, we are a mixed and messed bunch but we’ll always strive for our core message of raising voices, and styling minds.

Meet The Team

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