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How do Re-Raise and such brands help sustain earth?

Currently, the world is going through a climate crisis, sea levels and global temperatures are rising, and ecosystems are collapsing. We have observed an increase in average global temperature of about one degree Celsius in the past 40 years.

This has been immensely influenced by human activity, predominantly the burning of fossil fuels. Models suggest that when the globe consumes more fossil fuels, greenhouse gas concentrations will continue to grow, as will the Earth's average surface temperature.We have ten years remaining to make a significant change, and it will cost us $73 trillion dollars to stop global warming. We are predicting that in the next 80 years, the average global temperature will increase by about five degrees Celsius, and there will be no ice within our oceans by 2050. The fashion industry is responsible for more annual carbon emissions than all international flights and maritime shipping combined.

Due to this, an increase of 50% in greenhouse gas emissions is expected within a decade. It is important to be mindful of what brands and practices we support (you support a brand simply by purchasing their products!). It is completely okay if you are not entirely sure of which brands to support, although it is important to complete background research on brands you purchase clothes from.

This can create a more informed customer base and helps to support the brands that ethically source their materials, and have practices in place to protect the environment, such as Re-Raise.Being more environmentally conscious with our actions will help to reduce the effects of climate change on our ecosystems. It is up to us, and Re-Raise takes the first step to ensure that all materials and practices are ethically sourced and environmentally friendly.

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